Here’s a great synopsis on the basics of strategic management (

Uses a Systems Approach that starts with the end in mind.

Incorporate Change Management and Leadership Development to effectively transform an organization to high performance.

Provide Actionable Performance Information to better inform decision making.

Incorporate Assessment-Based Inputs of the external and internal environment, and an understanding of customers and stakeholder needs and expectations.

Include Strategic Initiatives to focus attention on the most important performance improvement projects.

Offer a Supporting Toolkit, including terminology, concepts, steps, tools, and techniques that are flexible and scalable.

Align Strategy and Culture, with a focus on results and the drivers of results.

Integrate Existing Organization Systems and Align the Organization Around Strategy.

Be Simple to Administer, Clear to Understand and Direct, and Deliver Practical Benefits Over the Long-Term.

Incorporate Learning and Feedback, to Promote Continuous Long-term Improvement.


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