Welcome to #TrendyBizLadySpeaks, the official page of Latasha T. Moore, MBA.

I’m excited that you are interested in finding out more information on how Ms. Moore can be of service to you!

Well, who is Latasha T. Moore, MBA ?!?!

Latasha is a consultant, speaker, business blogger and advocate who uses her motivational and strategic development gifts to birth the visions of individuals and companies. She is the President of Matriarch Management Enterprises Corporation, the management company that houses her business endeavors, and the Principle/Chief Business Strategist of Bennett-Moore Consulting. Mostly regarded as a “behind the scenes” business woman, Latasha has assisted several start-ups and corporations in creating strategic plans, and implementing strategic methods, to achieve desirable, successful outcomes.

Known also for her witty, humorous approach to speaking, Latasha has been credited and praised by many audiences for captivating attendees while imparting knowledge that is understandable for people regardless of their background.

Not only does she consult and speak, but she is a social activist and women’s advocate. She has a sincere passion to advocate and assist the undeserved of the community. She also has piercing desire for women’s equality and rights in the workplace. Her mission is to equip women to be strong players as small business owners and leaders of corporations. Her advocacy efforts include working with organizations such as NAACP, NAN, Miami-Dade Democrats, Black Democratic Executive, just to name a few.

She is a graduate of the University of Florida, where she completed her Bachelors degree. She then moved on to obtain her Masters of Business Administration from South University. Her business experience spans across ten plus years in the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

Latasha’s mission in business is simple: build people who will in turn build strong business. And she will carry out her mission efforts through consulting, speaking, blogging and advocating…

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