Latasha Consults…

Under the auspices of her consulting firm, Bennett-Moore Consulting, Latasha consults small businesses and corporations to create strategies to reach desired goals and outcomes. Her experiences includes over ten years of for profit and non profit work. She has created projects for governmental programs, created strategies for successful programs for Miami-Dade schools, as well as managed offices with more $2 million dollars in profit.

Her consulting expertise includes:

Strategic Management
Organizational Change Management
Non-Profit Management

She has also created a Strategic Management approach she exclusively uses with her clients. This five step approach includes creating and designing plan with the companies specific goals in mind. In implementing her approach, several of her clients have not only seen success in the direct business she’s worked with them with, but other ventures, as well.

Ms. Moore offers consultations on an hourly basis at cost. From the hourly consultation, it will be determined what program is needed, if there is a mutual agreement with the potential client. For more info regarding consultation, or to schedule a consultation, please email…. Include “CONSULTATION” in the subject.