Tip One: What To Use To Create Your To-Do List
To-Do Lists are handy tools in accomplishing goals. They give you an overview of what needs to be done daily/weekly/monthly and helps you assess just how much you’ve accomplished. Having this handy tool is great! But, what’s the use of having this tool, when you don’t have the proper mode to effectively create them to accomplish your goals. What makes the tool effective? For starters, you MUST use a medium that you will use and check daily to do the list and complete the tasks. You have to make them work for you. You can be formal or extremely creative in doing them. Whatever you choose, make it “you”. There are several tools to comprise to-do lists and here are a few of the advantage to using them: 

Journals – journals are small books with blank pages. These are great if you are disciplined at creating To-Do lists. They allow the independence to create it to your own specifications. Also, they are a blank canvas for your creative mastermind to make your to-do list fun and eye catching for you. Journals are great; however, if you’re not as disciplined, or if you are new to creating a to-do list for yourself, then this is not a good option for you.

Planner – daily planners outline the days/weeks/months and have allotted spaces to write down your to-do’s. Planners are wonderful, and are great for goal setting. They create organization and allow an overall view of your week/month for reviewing goals. Although they are great tools, sometimes the limited space limits the amount you can write down for to-do lists. For the creative, extremely detailed note taker, this may not be a good option; but for the beginner, or person who just likes jotting down their to-do’s, this is great!

Notepads – we all know what notepads are, right ?!?! Notepads allow us a page to write all over the place! You can jot down what you need or you can be as detailed as you want. The only drawback to notepads is there is no privacy. Planners and journals have covers, preventing the outside world from peeping in at a glance on what you are up to. If you are the super private person (like me) who does not like your destiny deets exposed to the surrounding world, this is not a good option for you!  

Mobile devices – your tablet, phone or electronic planner can be used to devise your to-do lists. There are apps you can download and there are items that are installed in your phone that you can use to make your lists. Your mobile device is an efficient way to create your list and keep up with your goals. You carry it around with you anyway, so why not make use of it for other purposes besides social media?!?!? (Lol) Mobile devices are extremely efficient at making and completing to-do lists, but they can limit your creativity a bit. If you are the creative person that likes to add things to spruce up your list, then this is not a good option.

These are just a few tools you can use to get started or to better enhance your daily-to-do lists. Choose something that you know you will utilize most effectively and efficiently to create your goals. No matter what you use, the objective is to get you on the road to accomplishing your overall vision and goals.
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Super Bowl Sunday is the most watched sports event within in the US. If you’re not an avid sports watcher, you have no choice but to get sucked into the excitement and action of the game. This year’s Super Bowl had its share of memorable moments and plays that made it a good ball game to watch. Of all the moments, there is one thing that stuck out about this year’s game – the comeback of the New England Patriots in the second half to with #SB51. Before halftime, the Pats were down 20+ points. Some how, some way, they came back strong after half time. They not only managed to pull out of their deficit, but they won the game by 6 points overtime! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G !!!
There were SO many lessons to learn from watching this game. In all that can be said, I want to point out THREE things this game taught us about strategizing for a comeback:
1. It Takes Strategy – I’m pretty sure that during halftime, the coaches and players had their locker room pep talk to get them pumped up for the next half. But I’m almost certain, the coaches had a plan to ensure they did not go out with a big “L” and to make sure their comeback was strong. How do you know ?!?! The defense picked it up a bit… they ensured the opposing team did not have an opportunity to score more points. Also, their offense eyes were attentive to ensure they kept their eye on the quarterback so they would maximize their opportunity to score. What can be learned from this ?!?! Wherever you are in your business, gather the facts, pump up the team and lay out how you can have a successful year. 

2. Great leadership is important for implementing strategy for a successful comeback – it’s obvious to say that Tom Brady is a stellar quarterback. The best in the league. To have lead the team from the point deficit they were is a sign of trusted leadership. Not only trusted leadership, but skillful, as well. If you’re in a similar situation, take note of Tom Brady’s SB leadership strategy. First, your team must be confident in your ability to lead them from what seems to be a loss to a victorious win. That type of trust from your team is EARNED.  

3. You Need Hope That You Can Comeback With A Strategy – to have a strategy to “rise up” when you’re looking at failure is so important. You have to have the inner fortitude and belief that with strategy, you’ll be able to see positive results. I’m pretty sure, the Patriots had some sort of plan to work through where they were; but it took hope to believe they could pull it off. The same applies for you !! Without the hope to comeback, your strategy is null and void. So, believe you can win, and that with a strategy, you’ll have a huge comeback!

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